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WHY DO YOU show your prices when most companies dont?

We decided to make things easier for the client. Usually when you embark on a search for video production it is difficult to see which company might be able to provide a service that fits your budget. We decided to make that simple for you.

It might look like our packages don't initially fit your brief 100%. It is however our experience that there are ways of managing each project so that it does actually fit into one of the pre-priced packages. And we will always try to find a way to make this work. In this way you can be reasonably confident that your project will fit into one of our range of pricing. The only exception to this is when a project is larger than our most popular package. These projects often fall between £2000 and £5000 as often more pre-production conversations and planning is needed than with our other packages. In our 15 years experience of video production, most of these larger projects cost around £3500 to produce.


We are a very small family run business. We work from home. We are able to pass those saving on to you. Making our pricing transparent meaning you can organise your video production budget for any project, campaign or even the current year and be certain you will meet that budget.

We are flexible, experienced, resourceful and accommodating. Feedback from clients is that they enjoyed the day of production, as do we - even though we work really hard to deliver more than is expected.



It is often that a client needs, for example, some photographs of the event/shoot day/production or often head shots of the participants for social media or web page. The line between commercial photography and videography has almost disapeared. You can save on a day's event or production by just hiring us to do both - please see some photography examples here.

We are often happy to accommodate some of these additional needs at a free of charge or nominal extra providing time allows. With the exception of the budget package we are yours for a whole day of filming up to 10 hours if required. Animation and motion graphics, though not being our primary service are add-ons that can be discussed should you choose to work with us. We also can provide:

  • Subtitles

  • Voiceover

  • Translation

  • Multi source audio recording (Dan is a BBC sound engineer)

  • Full proof reading service

  • Help with script or script from scratch

  • Camera and editing training - we can equip your business to create it's own content and give online support

  • Set and management of your YouTube or Vimeo channel

  • Free advice whenever you need it


We will always maximise the days we spend filming your production. You could for example, book a budget package and use the time we are available to get additional footage for future use, perhaps like this:

  •  We film an event for you all day and provide you with a highlights video and some photographs (time allowing)

  •  In addition, we film interviews during the day that are not part of the footage needed for the highlights video

  •  We archive these interviews which can be used at a later date, possibly as part of a bigger production 

what is the process? how do i start? what do you need from me? i have no idea what i want. can i just ask your advice?

We would suggest as a starting point just give us a call, or if you prefer send us an email with a simple description of what you would like us to produce and what you hope to achieve with that production. Also send us links to 3 videos that are similar to what you would like to end up with and we'll look at those and suggest which package can achieve that goal.

There is no commitment to anything to start with. Once you decide to proceed we ask for 50% up front before we start production with the remainder payable on delivery. Please feel free to call us for advice, whether you decide to use us or not.




We value long-term relationships that allow us grow with you and enables us to pass on more savings to you as a valued client.

If you are unsure about what it is you need in your production please call Dan on 07912645258 and he will be happy to help with any queries you have. Alternatively email us and we will reply within 1 working day.

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